We Can Make That

“We can make that” is a phrase that both thrills and terrifies me because it either means that you simply don’t need something or that you’re about to embark on a DIY experience for the ages.

Whenever we would see something we liked and asked my mom if we could buy it she would, nine times out of ten, say “Oh, we can make that.” Granted we didn’t always make it. In fact, usually we forgot about it completely. But sometimes we ACTUALLY made it.

I think this phrase so permeated our lives that my siblings and I have an indefatigable creative spirit. My brother was designing logos and album covers for local bands when he was in high school. My sister taught herself to sew and knit and proceeded to make me the most beautiful quilt and knit our entire family hats and scarves. I started a business making earrings in 7th grade and sold them to teachers and family friends for the next few years.

None of us ever bought a pre-made Halloween costume or a costume for a school play. My mom made them all by hand. She allowed us to follow our hearts in designing our childhood bedrooms, often to her own chagrin. I had a blue ceiling and my sister had a pink one and my brother had a door covered in posters and stickers that we took with us when we moved.

We all learned quickly that we were more than capable of creating anything we wanted in this world and it has served us so well. We each have our own creative endeavors and so many times we have caught ourselves saying “oh, we can make that” while browsing in stores or online.

We don’t always make it but we know we could if we wanted to.

Because of my mom we believe in our hands and our minds and that we can make our own way in this world, even if it takes some ingenuity and pricked fingers.

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