What am I worth today?

At work, we have a client who is in her eighties and she came to the bank today to go over some documents.

She walked in and said, “Alright, what am I worth today?”

Of course, she meant: how much money is in my accounts and how are my investments but I was a little shaken by the question. Partly because if I was to add up my investments (none) and my accounts (three) I would be worth… less than a little, and partly because of the way she said it.

She said it with the confidence of someone who knew that she was worth something.

And I tried to remember the last time I felt that confident about my worth. When I last knew that I was worth something. When I felt my worth so clearly that I was confident enough to ask because I knew I would get a good answer.

It’s hard to feel your own worth. A lot of times we do end up asking what we are worth but we don’t ask it like we know it, we ask it with a quiver, we ask because we genuinely do not know if we are worth anything. And we ask the wrong people.

Our client asked us, the people who are in charge of making her worth more and more each day. She didn’t ask a stranger on the internet. She didn’t ask someone she barely knew. She asked the people who knew what she was worth to the very penny. The people who tend her money like their own garden, tirelessly and fiercely.

It is important to ask what you are worth. It’s crucial to ask the right people. But even more so, it is necessary to recognize our own worth. Maybe we don’t know it to the last penny but we know the ballpark. We need to trust ourselves to know this. And we need to trust the important people in our lives to be there when we quiver and when our voice cracks and when we need certainty.

But maybe it’s time to wake up and take your medicine and look at yourself and ask: What am I worth today.

Maybe it’s time to say it unwaveringly, knowing that you are worth a vault of gold and a box of diamonds. Maybe it’s time you meant it.

If you shake, if you question, if you aren’t sure, you can ask for confirmation, you can ask for the full amount, down to the last penny. Because undoubtedly, when others think of themselves, in terms of their wealth, know that you come to mind.



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