Hello and I’m Sorry



I realized that my ardent short stories and poetry…. aren’t what you’re here for. AND I TOTALLY RESPECT THAT AND AM NOT MAD AT ALL ITS FINE PLS FOLLOW MY OTHER BLOG (i don’t have one yet but you get it)

I recognize that this is my space (not myspace) but it is a place in the world that I use for my own debriefing. Apparently others read it. THAT IS ON YOU.


kidding. It’s on me. If I indulged myself less this would all be in worn out notebooks in the back of my closet. But it isn’t. I am responsible for what I say and for what I say about others, including my law school. I worked my ass off to represent my law school in mock trial and I am forever embarrassed that I didn’t produce bar exam results that made my school proud. I think my school could have done more. I think I could have done more.


But here we fucking are. The bar exam results could come out tomorrow. Or next week. Or never. and this is the space where I want to talk to people who have taken the bar: You. You are a beautiful, wonderful thing. You DID IT. It doesn’t matter if you pass (okay so it does matter a little bit if you pass) but HOLY SHIT YOU DID IT. The waiting is the hardest part or so I hear.


I know. It sucks.


If I don’t make it. If you don’t make it. Remember that this is one test. You are not the test. You are not defined by this moment. You are a WORK OF ART and you have feelings and you have weird case law you obsess over and YOU, YES YOU, have people who believe in you.


No matter if this is your first bar, your thirtieth bar, or you gave the hell up, I am here. I support you. I understand you. I fucking believe in you.



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