Clean your litter box.

Sadness doesn’t end. You just get used to it.


This sounds deeply disturbed but it is true.

We get used to sadness and disappointment like we get used to a bad smell, gradually and over time.

When we were kids time took a long time to get used to. A year felt like an eternity, five minutes felt like five years and then one day


it didn’t.

We are adaptable. We get used to things. We stop smelling the bad smell. We stop feeling the sadness of all of the heartbreaks of our lives.

Again this sounds disturbed. But the best thing about adaptability is that we don’t completely lose that sense, the sense of smell, the sense of pain.

If you spend all day in a house with a litter box (Hello, I am calling myself out) and then leave for a few hours, when you come back it is like WOW YEP A CAT USES A BOX IN THIS ROOM AS A TOILET AND A VAGUELY IRRESPONSIBLE HUMAN IS IN CHARGE OF CLEANING THAT BOX AND ALSO JUST. WOW.

Sadness is the same way. You can adapt. You can get used to it and you can just make that feeling/that smell a part of life. And that is healthy. That is strong.

But sometimes it is okay to let yourself back in, to smell the bad smell again, to feel. it. all.

We can go nose blind, time blind, and sadness blind. But we have the power to see again. When we don’t necessarily want to. But it is so important to take the time every so often and feel it all. Because when you let yourself see and feel everything that you’ve been through you can finally appreciate how strong you are and get a glimpse at how strong you will become.


Also this is a friendly reminder to clean the litter box.

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