Things Don’t Stay Fixed

Or, in the alternative, things never fix themselves. It’s weird that when you take a personality test, you aren’t suppose to like the answer. Are we not supposed to like ourselves, or are we so sick of hearing ourselves think? We’re stuck right now in an endless political swell, a continuously crashing wave of horror…… Continue reading Things Don’t Stay Fixed

Dustland Fairytale

  I met them when I was 18. They were loud and they were laughing and they were everywhere. I think I loved them all immediately. I fell into a very intact group of friends who had known each other forever. I loved that about them, it was like opening a book to the middle…… Continue reading Dustland Fairytale

Breaking Up With Depression

At my therapist’s office last week I was sitting cross legged on her couch with a deathly hallows pillow in my lap and I looked at her and said “I think I miss my depression.” This is the record-scratch-I’m-sorry-what moment. No one ever prepared me for what comes next after you slowly blink awake after years…… Continue reading Breaking Up With Depression

If I die…

Give everything to science or medicine. Donate everything you can. If there isn’t much that can be taken, I’m sorry. I ran parts of me hard, others not as much, like the sole of a shoe, rough and uneven. But please take all that you can. The rest of me should be burned and drowned,…… Continue reading If I die…

A Thousand Little Deaths

I was at the inaugural meeting of a book club a few weeks ago and I looked around and realized that almost everyone in the room was an attorney. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t still painful to hear other people who have accomplished my “dream” talk about boring things like depositions…… Continue reading A Thousand Little Deaths